India AI Impact Festival 2024 by CBSE & Intel

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Initiated in collaboration between CBSE, Ministry of Education and Intel India, with guidance from Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, the festival aims to nurture a future where technology becomes a catalyst for positive changes and fosters innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills, using AI tech and social skills in an inclusive way.


With the theme “AI with a purpose,” the India AI Impact Festival 2024 will encourage solutions and best practices that use AI/AIoT to impact underserved communities and foster inclusive growth positively.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Impact Creators: School students in the age group 11 to 18 years, with the following sub-categories:
    • Students of classes VI-VIII.
    • Students of classes IX-XII.
    • Youth in the 18 to 25 years age group.
  • Impact Shapers: Educators from academic/technical institutions. This category includes teachers, ATL-in-charges, and faculty from schools across India. All educators, irrespective of the subject they teach, are welcome to participate in this category.
  • Impact Nurturers: For academic/technical institutions. The Heads of schools/institutions are encouraged to participate and share the AI journey of their institute in this category.
National Awards

Impact Creators (Students)
  • Top 3 students of classes 6 to 8,
  • Top 3 Students of classes 9 to 12,
  • Top 3 projects by youth in the 18 to 25 years age group.
Impact Shapers (Educators)
  • Top 3 educators from Academic/Technical institutions.
Impact Nurturers (Academic/Technical Institutions)
  • Top 3 heads of Academic/Technical institutions.
Special Awards

Nari Shakti
  • Top 3 projects developed by individual girl students/teams of girl students.
  • Top 3 projects that help remove/reduce barriers for people with special needs (Impact Creators).
  • Top 3 teaching learning best practices leveraging AIoT (Impact Shapers).
  • Top 3 entries from aspirational districts (Impact Creators).
Note: Participants in each category will be recognized with participation certificates. Winners may also have the chance to benefit from invaluable mentorship opportunities.

How to Participate?
Note: There are no costs involved in registering or making submissions for the India AI Impact Festival.

What to Submit?

Impact Creators
  • STEP 1: Submit a concise project synopsis (in PDF format).
  • STEP 2: Submit a 2-minute video of the participant/s detailing the project details.
Impact Shapers
  • STEP 1: Submit a poster showcasing innovative AI/AIoT teaching-learning practices.
  • STEP 2: Submit a 2-minute video elaborating on their AI/AIoT journey.
Impact Nurturers
  • STEP 1: Submit a poster showcasing the AI/ AIoT journey of the institution.
  • STEP 2: Submit a 2-minute video elaborating on the institution’s AI/AIoT journey.
Note: Entries can be submitted in English and Hindi.

Important Dates

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Contact Information

For any further clarification, write an email to or or you can also connect with the India AI Impact Festival helpdesk at 9058585055.


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