$1,000 Scholarship for International Students

Image Credit: Emily Ranquist ( $1,000 scholarship is for the Fall 2024 studies and is offered to any eligible prospective or current international student studying in Fall 2024. By international students, they mean students studying in a country where they are not a citizen or permanent resident. This scholarship is offered to all postsecondary degree programs, which are diploma, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D, as well as professional programs like law and medicine.

The application will close on May 31st, 2024, 5 finalists will be notified on June 15 – 30th, and the winner will be announced the winner will be announced on July 15th – 25th. Scholarships will be paid directly to the winner’s institution in the winner’s name.

Eligibility Criteria

You must meet ALL of the following to be eligible:
  • You must be an international student, that is, you cannot be a citizen or a permanent resident of a country that you will be studying in Fall 2024.
  • You must be a current or a prospective student who will be enrolled in a postsecondary degree program (Diploma, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., as well as professional programs like law and medicine) in Fall 2024.
What they look for in a candidate

They are looking to give this scholarship to a student who has best maximized their potential given their circumstances and will continue to maximize their potential in the future. By “maximizing their potential given their circumstances,” a student who comes from an affluent family and has maximized their potential in one way or another is just as qualified for this scholarship as a student from an impoverished family who also has done the same. They take more of a holistic approach in giving this scholarship, with a combination of merit, writing skills, and the essay describing what they look for in a candidate. They take financial needs into consideration only in the light of “maximizing their potential given their circumstances.”

Application Materials
  • A short Google form
  • 500 – 700 word essay on “Describe your educational journey emphasizing how you have maximized your potential given your circumstances. In addition, please tell them how you plan to continue to do so after your degree.” – Submitted in PDF file in the Google Form.
Selection Process

They will notify the 3-5 finalists on June 15th – 30th. The finalists will be asked to provide
  • A copy of their passport with their passport number covered
  • An acceptance letter from a prospective student or proof of attendance from current students
  • A written agreement to fulfill social media responsibilities if selected as a winner
Finalists have 10 days to submit those materials from the date that they have notified. After they have received those materials, they may ask the finalists to go on a short Zoom interview call. The winner will be announced on July 15th – 25th.

If Selected as Winner:

The winner must agree to be featured on their “Past Winners” Page, with their picture, their name, their institution, and a short bio. Also, they must agree for to feature them on their social media channels.

FAQs about this Scholarship

1. Are online degree programs eligible?

Yes, as long as the online degree programs are from a legitimate institution of higher education.

2. I am a student from this particular country. Am I eligible?

Yes, students from all citizenships are eligible as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

3. I would like to receive payments directly. Is this possible?

No, they send payments directly to the institution that you will be attending in Fall 2024 in the recipient’s name. They do not make payments directly to the winner.

4. I have already started studying for my degree. Am I still eligible?

Yes, current students are eligible as long as you will be a current student in Fall 2024.

5. I will be studying in a non-English medium. Am I still eligible?

Yes, students studying in languages other than English are still eligible.


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